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Ad agency JWT London recently held an exhibition which featured framed stills of animated GIFs created by various artists. The exhibition was organized by JWT creative Yoni Alter, and aimed to showcase the myriad creative and sophisticated designs that could be produced within the medium’s limitations. 

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MNEK x Disclosure - White Noise (XYconstant Remix)


At the young age of only 18, XYConstant, from Cornwall combines the use of looping xylophone synth, bass, and clap beats perfectly together.

The song itself is a remix of MNEK’s cover of “White Noise” by Disclosure, producing something entirely fresh sounding and very different to MNEK’s version, let alone Disclosure’s original.

Hazy opening chimes, with deep echo on Aluna George’s vocal add a mysterious feel to the song, which develop immediately into the beat. MNEK’s voice is sped up to meet the beat’s tempo, but deepened and broadened to contrast perfectly with Aluna’s more high pitch style. These contrasting vocal pitches create a dynamic far from Disclosure’s original release, and give the listeners something really interesting to engage with. The continuous use of the chime-esque melody overrides the rhythm and vocals as a constant, while the repetition of the main chorus “just gonna get my back”, toys with our sense of reality.

What XY Constant has managed to achieve is to combine two very talented singers, with minor manipulation of their singing style to work at differing ends of the spectrum, but which have meaningful interplay throughout the whole song.

XY Constant is relatively unknown at the moment but with his viewings on YouTube only set to rise, we can expect great things to come from him. I enjoy the way he uses variations in pitch as a perfect contradiction to each other. Fading outros work side by side to give MNEK and Aluna their prominence they deserve.

A great remix, and a tune which will have critics pondering about the identity of this young man from Cornwall. Definitely someone to keep our eye on as UK house is growing from strength to strength, not only in the domestic market, but internationally too.

Its’ exciting times for not only the DJ himself, but also for his listeners. Based on his impressive style and final product in this song, I for one can’t wait to hear what he produces next.


Sam Jennings

(Source: thesoundyouneed)